Monday, January 02, 2006

happy new year?

A year ago today a college student was living in my studio and I was at my parents' house about to head down to Miami to hang out with the Canadian and his various quirky Haitian relatives before heading down to South America for some quality time with the sis before heading back to New York for god-knows-what. God-knows-what turned out to be a four-month residence in Ithaca, a stint as a decent yet somewhat balance-challenged waitress, enough time to develop a nearly equal loathing of unemployment and soul-sucking office work, and a very good but very expensive shrink. Now here I am, back at the same apartment I left a year ago, forced by Pope Gregory XIII to think about how far I've come (*snort*) and where I might be headed.

The only thing I know about 2006 with absolute certainty is that I have absolutely no clue as to what I might be doing a year from now. While some could view this as exciting and/or interesting, for the time being it's just scary. Because I don't even know what I might be doing tomorrow. While yes, there is a very good chance that tomorrow I might continue the depressing broke unemployed person's routine of waking up, leaving the house for coffee, food, and the crossword puzzle, alternatively napping and watching television until it's time to eat again, avoiding the bill-filled mailbox on the way in from the sandwich run, then watching more television until it's time to sleep, there is always a slight chance that something good could come of last week's minimal effort to find interesting employment. Or I could get hit by a bus. Or win the lottery. You never really know. Oh wait I don't play the lottery. Dang.


Fat Asian Baby said...

yes, i was particularly pleased with how those pictures came out.
as for how our lives are coming out, no comment.

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