Tuesday, January 24, 2006

nothin' like a little january afternoon sun

I finally bothered to learn how to use that sophisticated self-timer feature. National Geographic should be knocking down my door any day now.

Have I mentioned yet how much I love not doing the 9-5? Yes? About 18 times too many? So much so that I've gotten really fucking annoying? Oops, sorry. But I love it so much. I don't think it'll ever get old. Just being outside and breathing in the crisp winter air today made me so happy. (Except for the air within a half-block radius of Gray's Papaya, which just made me want to abort my turkey sandwich mission for a couple hot dogs.)


Mister Underhill said...

SOmeday, I will learn to use my timer. I was just thinking about it today.

Robo's Drone said...

Damn, G. I must say that I'm beyond happy that you're so happy. Let's all be happy together! Happy happy happy!!

Anonymous said...

you are getting too skinny. have you been getting enough fried goat cheese balls?

Gina said...

but we're the same jeans size! i know because i tried your new ones on the other day after you left for work. however, there is definitely a dearth of fried goat cheese balls in my life at the moment.

P/O said...

so. jealous.

i waited tables back in the day, and there are still times when i want to just give it all up and go "back to my roots..."

(can i make a guess where you're working?)

Gina said...

Heh, you can guess but please keep it to yourself. I've, of course, already divulged way too much info and I'm sure your guess is correct.

So come by sometime! I'll overpour your wine as long as the owner's not around.