Friday, July 29, 2005


Big ups to E for introducing me to planetdan. There's a whole lot of nothing for me to do in the office today, and it's making doing said nothing while suffering a wee hangover almost enjoyable. I particularly love his posts about various Jesus figures.

*Jesus has a six-pack.

*I demand to know why none of my relatives ever gave me one of these lovely gifts when I was a "young Catholic athlete." Though it appears there is no computer-gaming Jesus.

*Not technically Jesus, but as close as humankind has come since He ascended into Heaven. Even though I saw it yesterday and have seen the infomercial, this post has made me laugh out loud uncontrollably on four separate occasions today. In case any of my coworkers didn't already think I was weird...

Have a good weekend, y'all. You can find me terrorizing a small town in western Massachusettes with other oversized girls.

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Anonymous said...

nice Jesus statue there. But it still can't rival the "Leap for the Lord" potato sack available in last fall's Oriental Trading catalog.