Monday, July 25, 2005


Good weekend, good weekend. I'd forgotten how painfully short they are when you have a normal job. Like with vacations, it feels like another weekend is necessary to recover from the weekend. All the more motivation to strive towards a life of glorified unemployment (i.e., freelancing and/or freeloading) or somehow become a French citizen.

Anyway, the birthday gathering was a success, and definitely more of a gathering than a party. I only invited a handful of people, and almost all of them came and brought with them items such as fancy tequila, wine, beer, champagne, boyfriends, a harem of Asian girls, and a large cheese pizza. Even my favorite deli guy got in on the action by providing Awesome New Friend S with a plastic cupfull of brandy when she bought beer on her way over. Since Drone and I started our own little party two hours before anyone else arrived (damn those cheap Chilean magnums of wine,) I don't recall the details, but it was fun and there wasn't much of a mess and nobody fell of the roof, though I do have a picture of Drone sitting precariously on the ledge. Bad Drone.

The next day was lovely as well, as I cured my hangover early on with a slice of cold pizza and followed it up with a nice brunch involving beer and my second BLT in a week. I'd originally thought it would be just me and a couple friends from crew that I don't see very often, but two others materialized at the restaurant and it was a veritable mini-reunion. Ridiculous makeout stories (from someone other than myself, for once,) revelations about even more people getting married (specifically, our beautiful med school friend is taking a gym teacher trophy husband,) and freaking out about the Bar exam ensued (you can do it, R.) And now I'm quite exhausted and forcing myself to go to the gym after work for the first time in about four months. It'll be brutal, but at least the gym is in the office and comes with complimentary Vitamin Water and Kiehl's products. Hooray for hedge funds.

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Anonymous said...

Sweet. Nice shot, G. Remember when my birthday is, as you'll probably be the only person to attent my celebration. -Drone

Gina said...

nooo, i don't think that'll be the case this year, based on your prolific social schedule of late. and this year i will actually be there, since i think chances are slim i'll spend the winter slumming around central wisconsin and south america again (as much as i'll probably want to by that point.)

Fat Asian Baby said...

harem of asian girls?? oh. right. d.
if the sweet sweet nothings drone left for me on my myspace page while at your house are any indication, you guys must've been having a really good time.