Wednesday, July 27, 2005


*I love British people. Their dry sense of humor, their crooked teeth, and their inadvertently hilarious honesty.

*I also love Weimaraners, especially when their owners go off their meds and dress them up in neon spandex.

*Reluctantly, I'm starting to love cats. Especially cats that always look pissed off. Damn you, fourfour.

*Last but not least, I'm not sure how I feel about Joan Rivers, but I do tend to gravitate towards ridiculousness, so tonight I'm going on a double date with a costume designer who contacted me on Friendster and his two gay friends to see Joan Rivers live and in person. I dare you to come up with a better first date idea.


P/O said...

i smell a four-way!

Gina said...

oh my god. don't give me any crazy ideas. i have enough of my own.