Saturday, July 23, 2005

happy birthday to me!

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How cute is my mom? Not that you can see her here, but look at all this stuff she sent me! I just went down to the basement to do my laundry (do I know how to celebrate or what?), ran into the super, and came back up with a box full of organic pastas, organic rice mixes, organic cookies, organic granola, organic granola bars, vacuum sealed tuna, a book about "Wisconsin curiosities," and a decorative candle for my patio furniture. Just in time for the gathering I'm having tonight on my lil' terrace! Awww. This is quite honestly the first birthday on which I've been happy since, oh, 2001. I realize that is kind of sad, but now I'm not sad, so whatever.


alex or eric said...

Happy Birthday from your LA fanboys!

Gloria said...

Happy birthday!