Friday, April 22, 2005

there's a good LSAT question in here somewhere

Having a dear friend in the restaurant biz, I've long known it to be a ridiculous web of incestuousness. But I'd never qute appreciated the degree of ridiculousness until now. Essentially, having screwed but one of my coworkers, I am clean as a whistle compared to everyone else's dirty work laundry. Here is my attempted recreation of the current family tree, to the best of my limited knowledge:

Girl Manager S has slept with Bartender C, Bartender D, Bartender B2, Cute Married Chef L, and best friend and Regular Patron J's ex-bf two days after they broke up.

Bartender C has also slept with Waitress B, New Pornstar Waitress M (she started a week ago, also her name [I can't resist] is Misty,) Regular Patron J, and one of my roommates.

Bartender D has a long distance girlfriend so he is otherwise boring.

Bartender B2 has slept with Waitress B, made out with Female Bartender C, and was until a couple days ago in a quasi-thing with Regular Patron J, until last Sunday several hours after he had sex with her she walked in on him having sex with best friend Manager S, after which she went downstairs to be comforted by B2's best friend Bartender T only to hear the banging (literally) continue. B2 and T quit the next day.

I slept with Bartender B1, who as far as I know has only banged Fired Waitress and Regular Patron L. Sweet. And somehow, while not being a part of any of the drama, I've made myself privy to all of this wonderful information, and with no close ties to anyone I have no problems sharing it with the more clueless staff. It's like being in high school all over again! Well, or what I imagined high school to be like for the non-supernerds.


kyle said...

hey chica, remember me? carrie´s friend from chile. you're funny, i like your journal!

Gina said...

but of course! the one with the awesome boobs and guacamole! anyway, thanks for reading and I hope everything's going great down there.