Wednesday, April 13, 2005

i like sandwiches

Well well well, guess who has absolutely nothing to write about! Yes, for the first time in a long time, my life is essentially drama-free and my mental functioning is almost at a level that some people might call "stable." While many of those around me are experiencing drama-tastic existences (yeah, pretty much all involving members of the opposite sex,) the most excitement I've had of late includes a long night out in which one wholly unnecessary tequila shot had me facing the bottom of a friend's toilet (hooray for unintentional calorie reduction!) and discovering the $1.00 table at the neighborhood antique store where I purchased six thin bangle bracelets of various cheap metals that look quite cool when all worn together. Now I'm mostly just working, sleeping, or drinking, and I'll let my half-assed and spotty job applying rampage decide whether I remain in Ithaca for the summer or begin Project Get My Fucking Shit Together 2005 immediately.


Anonymous said...

I read this. Not really relevant, but certainly true.

Gina said...

say wha?

Gina said...

wait, i think i get it now. the anonymous is throwing me off. i don't know, painkillers make me a little loopy.