Saturday, April 09, 2005

real world 17

Today the Real World people are casting at my place of employment. I was supposed to work all day, but since people waiting to try out for a reality TV show aren't particularly interested in ordering up some steak and eggs or "bitchin' breakfast burritos" (which are quite amazing, I might add,) and three waitresses for eight tables is a little excessive, I was released early. But not before I got a good look at the crop of hopefuls shivering in their miniskirts and furry stiletto booties (not making that one up) in line outside. I so desperately wanted to go down the line and save people some time: " honey no...ok you're kinda cute...nope...sorry." Oh to be a casting director and get paid to be judgmental. Or to go back in time to my job at my college's illustrious admissions office, where I got paid to make fun of people's applications with other smartass workstudiers and take four hour lunch breaks during a five hour shift.

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