Tuesday, April 26, 2005

the ethicist by randy cohen, lite

You are a bartender at a popular collegetown bar. One evening during your shift, a friend, to whom you owe $8, sits down with friends at your establishment. In lieu of giving her the cash, you buy her an $8 blueberry mojito. With your employee discount, this only costs you $4. Discuss.

[I'm seriously torn, because on the one hand the friend is getting something for free that she would've otherwise paid $8 for, but on the other hand the lendee essentially pocketed $4. Let's ignore the questionable ethics of using one's employee discount to buy things for friends.]

In other exciting news, my mom is sending my beloved computer to my house (yes, I live in a house...weird,) so I can spend even more time avoiding real social interaction and, most importantly, start acquiring new music for the first time in six months. Anyone know anything about this hot new band called the Arcade Flame or something? Also, the Cute Canadian and his friend Pierre who works in consulting and spends a lot of money on strippers (that is all I know about him; I'm sure there are loads of other redeemable qualities) are coming to Gorge-land in less than two weeks! We are going to a Snoop Dogg concert. And hopefully not getting too drunk to get it on at least eight times.


Fat Asian Baby said...

Oh my God! Snoop! That brings back fond movies of a field trip to the Magic Johnson theater to see the fine cinematic achievement also known as Bones. I think I fell down the stairs on the first of my three visits to the bathroom. I wish you luck.

Gina said...

Mmmm...Big Gulp sized paper cups of Bombay Sapphire and Orange Hi-C...might have to reprise that one.