Tuesday, April 19, 2005

inadvertent guest blogger

My sister is awesome. It took me about eighteen years to figure that out, but I'm glad I finally did. She is currently in her second semester of a study abroad program in Santiago, Chile, and she recently got back from (another) trip to Argentina. Also, she sends great emails.
Oh my goodness the trip was so excellent. It occurred to me that the little Argentine horseman that I found so very attractive looks basically like what you would get if Luke Skywalker married a hobbit and moved to Argentina to have a kid. Which is probably why I liked him. The horseback ride was the main highlight of the weekend, but the place itself was so profoundly beautiful, and the town was so delightfully contrived to please tourists, and there were endless shops with the most amazing chocolate I've ever tasted, and we got to eat lots of yummy restaurant food and didn't have to pay for it.

While there, she managed to get bitten on the thigh by a horse. I'm sorry for her pain, but this is damn funny.
And you would seriously not believe my bruise. Literally half my left thigh (and my left thigh is not small) has turned pretty colors. It almost worries me because it's actually gotten a fair amount bigger-- as of this morning I had another threeish square inches that weren't there before. I had to call mom right after it happened to ask when my last tetanus shot was, and I swear she did not react at all when I told her I'd been bitten by a horse. She didn't even ask to know the circumstances under which I was bitten by a horse. She just kind of said "oh" as if it were something that happens fairly regularly when one walks down the street, and told me the tetanus shot stuff. I told my friends about this later on, and one of them said "Is your mom a bit of a space cadet?"

And that pretty much sums up my mother right there, bless her heart. In other news, I cannot wait for my sis to return for her last year at school in L.A., because it means I will get to crash in her new digs and have another kickass weekend.
Oh and room draw was last night, and I just got an email from Sophia saying we have "the best rooms on campus." We're living in a suite with a girl I don't know but Sophia says is cool, and a girl Sophia doesn't know but I say is cool. Apparently we have a balcony and a private bathroom and our rooms are huge. I'm so, so excited!

And last but not least, one of my sister's friends from high school, who moved to California to marry a boy she met on the internet and work at Blockbuster, had a little accident playing Dance Dance Revolution and wanted everyone to know. Heh.
Yeah I felt kind of bad laughing about the Dance Dance Revolution thing... I knew she'd hurt her knee and been out of work forever, but I had no idea that was how it happened. I think if I busted my knee playing Dance Dance Revolution I wouldn't tell everyone about it in a mass email.

Miss you, Carebear.


Anonymous said...

I'm so coming to LA with you, dude. -Drone

Anonymous said...

I'm so coming to LA with you, dude. -Drone

Gloria said...

LA! Yay! I get so excited every time someone mentions LA. Hee!