Tuesday, November 01, 2005

hot brain sex

I love me a good personality quiz. And this is a real one, not one of those "Which member of the Killers is least likely to never have sex with you" Quizilla things. It is with great pleasure that I reveal my results of BBC's Sex ID analysis [via Nerve]:

I am, more or less (*ahem*), a gay man.

No one needs to see the extensive breakdown [sorry about that], but I think the quiz is pretty accurate. I am, indeed, good at science and math and spacial stuff. It's just unfortunate for me that I don't particularly like that stuff. And I am also quite empathetic (believe it or not) and a good judge of others (oooh how I love to judge others!) And I do prefer my dudes to look like dudes. Basically, I think like a guy, feel like a girl, and like to makeout with guys. But I knew this already. What I found most enlightening about this quiz is the following remark:
Men often think a person's eyes are sending signals of desire when that's not the case at all.

This is because men are not as astute at reading people's facial expressions as women are. Perhaps the next time some hapless chap hits on me in a bar, I'll be a little more sympathetic. Eh, probably not.


Robo's Drone said...

According to the test results: "You may have a balanced female-male brain." Grrreat.

Anonymous said...

Dude, why is the average girl so bad at math?! Maureen Dowd is right.


Gina said...

Ah, the ol' nature vs. nurture question rears its unsolvable head.

Anonymous said...

From one "gay man" to another!
Glad to see there are some other women out there who are giant spacially oriented nerds, yet still love manly men. But I am worried because in one part I got a 4 out of 20 on the empathizing section and a 17 out of 20 on the systemizing section -more severe than even your average dude. Does this mean I'm autistic?


Andrew said...

How did we ever get along? This test just told me I'm a lesbian. (I've got poor spatial awareness and was exposed to very little testosterone in the womb, but can read peoples' eyes, know a lot of words and always pick more feminine faces as attractive)

Gina said...

Hmm, perhaps together we became one normally functioning human? In theory, anyway.

Johnny Sapphire said...

I got probably the same thing you did. I apparently like "masculine faces" and while I didn't fall to the right of the girls I was definitely right of the 0.