Thursday, November 10, 2005

so much for stella

Like most people with two x chromosomes in New York, I was planning on slipping out for an early lunch break to buy some Stella McCartney stuff at H&M. After perusing the collection online, I'd decided that there are a few things I would wear, and, while they're not dirt cheap, they're cheap enough to not feel terribly guilty about. However, E just reported back from the front lines that, as I'd predicted, it is so not worth it. So I will just wait till next week. Oh the horror.

As for the gory details, there is a line 30 people deep out the door, there is hardly anything left on the racks just an hour after the store opened, and women with real Chanel purses are screaming, bitch-slapping, and playing tug-of-war with each other over some mass-produced, mediocre quality clothing that will continue to be restocked throughout the season. And these are the women that can afford Stella McCartney's main line, which is more well made, more interesting, and not accessible to the masses. This all just goes to confirm my personal life philosophy: people are really fucking insane.


Fat Asian Baby said...

waaaaaaaaaah! want!

Robo's Drone said...

Oh come on. It's worth it. The long lines do blow; you know that I'm the last person to wait with the masses, but it is pretty worth it. Good call on the restocking, though. I'm wondering if that's actually the plan or if it's limited... And yes, people are stupid. No question.

Gina said...

Only certain pieces are limited. The basic stuff will still be there. And really, none of the stuff is mindblowing enough to justify that kind of mental anguish.

midwestgrrl said...

The green chiffon dress is worth maybe a little bit of mental anguish, except then I think about the mental anguish that would be caused by trying to hand wash it and watching the water turn green, green, green.

Anonymous said...

drone, normally, i would agree with you. i don't even feel too awful about the barney's warehouse sale. the women at the 5th ave store today were mean, pushy, snobby upper east side bitches gone wild on a huge floor with no sense of order and no clothing available below a size 12.

ah, i feel better now.

i sugget waiting until stella arrives in your hometown h&m. and i'll send a shout-out to baltimore-- a fashion freak safe-zone.

love ellen

Fat Asian Baby said...

hometown h&m. that's fucking hilarious. seriously. i can't stop laughing. please. stop me.