Friday, September 30, 2005

you'd think i'd have forgotten to renew my ritalin prescription, not my birth control

(I don't have a Ritalin prescription to renew, but I think it's about time I did. My god these faux-hormone-free cramps...)

*Like most web savvy corporate whores, I tired of Friendster approximately three months after signing up. Once I'd finished amassing as many "friends" as possible and searching for every person I've ever met, ever, including Boyd, my three-year-old boyfriend in 1984, there just wasn't anything left to do. Except, of course, to stalk people. Yep, 37-year-old Actor/Musician/Borrower of Money From His Dad is still single! Damnit, Whole Avocado Eating Rickshaw Driver still hasn't created a profile, so I cannot find out if he still has that girlfriend. Proably does. Bitch. No way, FAB put up another picture! So I was a little horrified to learn from E this morning (I've opted out of the unsolicited and unnecessary "Friendster Update" emails) that you can now see who has viewed your profile. Using my keen critical thinking skills, I put two and two together and surmised that other people can see if you've viewed them! But fear not, fellow stalkers. E just informed me that you can scrutinize profiles anonymously. Whew.

*Blogger and Morning News contributor Paul Ford has a book coming out and, I believe, actually deserves it. I'm a little amazed by how many people, including an editor at the NYT, thought his Gary Benchley hipster parody character was real. Dudes, Gary Benchley totally would've had a Friendster profile. Duh. [Memo to the NYT, if you need a new fact checker, I am more available than Tara Reid.]

*There are few things funnier than really bad sweaters. [via Thighswide] One of those things is Planet Dan's Halloween costume history.

*Squid sex. [via Push Fluids]


Naomi said...

SHIT! re: Friendster

Robo's Drone said...

Shit, indeed. When I tried to view who's viewed me: There is no history available for your profile - Your profile has been viewed 133 times since 09/01/05.

Soooo, there are 133 people that I can't find out who they are? Grreat. I think Friendster's continuing technical issues will keep all of our identities hidden from those we stalk.


Anonymous said...

Gary Benchley does have a Friendster profile.

Gina said...

he didn't after the first few installments...