Tuesday, September 06, 2005

rated PG-53

Aaaah now that was a weekend. And I can write about it because, aside from a bloody mary here and a margarita there, it was relatively Parent Friendly. My doings of the last three work-free and absurdly-perfect-weather-filled days can be neatly placed into three categories: sitting (not for the purpose of eating), walking, and sitting (for the purpose of eating).

Sittin' For Sittin's Sake
*Drone and Gina Park, which you may also know as the Hudson River Park. We like to beach ourselves on the second patch of grass when you make a left at the 14th Street entrance and spend hours reading fashion magazines, finding fault in people's running strides, and exclaiming with glee every time a new dog walks by (approximately every 6.2 seconds.)

*The Cloisters. Now before you go thinking I did something cultural, let me just state for the record that I did not actually enter the museum part except to use the bathroom. Rather, I went with Drone and his funny fashion friends for a picnic on the Cloisters grounds in Fort Tryon Park, and my god it was beautiful. The Hudson River is simply majestic from a high leafy perch. It's also pretty cool when you're sitting in a piece of fiberglass two inches above the water.

*On the bench in front of some restaurant on Ludlow that was conveniently located across the street from Piano's. Drone, S, and I got ourselves some to-go margaritas and, having just walked from Hudson River Park, didn't really feel like "going." So we sat on that beautiful bench for a good two hours making huge amounts of fun of the endless hipster fashion victim parade. The afternoon was highlighted by the indie response to Hugh Hefner, Dov Charney. The American Apparel CEO graced us with his tight jeaned, enormous-schnozzed presence no less than five times, and we were no less thrilled each time.

A Half-Marathon of Walking, With Breaks to Sleep and Stuff
*Home from work, to Drone's, to Drone's again, home from Drone's, all the way across downtown, 3/4 of the way to E's, 1/4 of the way home from E's, back to work. Let's just say that I'm not as svelte as I used to be and by walking a lot I can trick myself into thinking I'm taking some action. Moving on to more important matters...

*I'd long dismissed Florent as a late night haven for Meatpacking snots and the occasional Olsen twin (not that there's anything wrong with that,) but it's officially become my favorite brunch place, even though I officially despise that word. Brunch brunch brunch. Ew. But for a late breakfast or early lunch, it can't be beat. A tasty bloody mary, endless coffee, and a goat cheese apple onion and herb omelette with seven grain toast and fancy salad for $13.95? Yes, please. Add outdoor seating, no over-crowding, and proximity to Drone and Gina Park to that and you can count on finding me there every Saturday afternoon.

*Lil' Frankie's. E and I decided to extend the long weekend as long as possible by meeting for dinner on Monday night at this cozy lil' Italian place. Our table was a little too cozy to fit our order of mini meatball pizza, fried calamari, and a bottle of Primitivo, and we had to get creative with the placement of the bread basket and condiments, but it was otherwise relaxing and more than satisfying. Bonus points for the strangely hot girl bartender whose strange hotness inspired my tattoo adventure last weekend.

*And last but certainly not least, there's Amy's Kitchen. Even if I had cooking skills, I'd still eat Amy's all the damn time. My refrigerator may be empty aside from several kinds of mustard, but my freezer is a font of delicious organic Mac and Soy Cheeze. Mmmm cheeze.


Fat Asian Baby said...

There's nothing wrong with Dov Charney's shnoz. He's just Jewish.

Gina said...

No. It's seriously enormous. Beyond Jewish. Believe me, I can appreciate a good shnoz, but it looks like he's wearing those nose and mustache glasses. Also he's just a wee bit of a dick so any excuse to criticize...

Robo's Drone said...

Now EVERY-one's gunna want to visit the Drone and Gina Park! And here I thought we'd keep it our little secret from where to view beautiful girl and puffy man combos.

Gina said...

don't worry, drone. a., i don't believe that people would take my advice to go somewhere and b., it'll be too cold to go to the park soon. i thought about that this morning and actually got quite sad.

Anonymous said...

What tattoo did you get ?!