Wednesday, September 21, 2005

"and I have already dropped all the classes I can while remaining a full time student"

I have taught my sister well.

Speaking of classes, yesterday I went to my first one in over two years. (!!!) While perusing Mediabistro for jobs for which I am not at all qualified, I noticed that they have courses in the city. And they sounded good. The one I wanted started yesterday, so I called Shitibank to get my credit card limit increased and signed on up. Class started at 7:00, but I'd already made plans to have a post-work beer with E. What to do?! Multi-tasker that I am, I left work a little early, had a leisurely pint in a nearby pub at 6:00, and scurried over to class right on time. I wanted to replicate my college experience as closely as possible, you see. But then I got to class, and my brain exploded. The instructor was cool, knowledgeable, and inspiring. The other students were nice, friendly, and a lot like me, experience- and goalwise (tastewise, well, let's just say that I do not have a subscription to Self or Glamour.) But the most shocking part of all was that I talked. In class. In front of people. I talked so much I had to stop myself for fear of being a smartypants and annoying everyone. In my college classes I might as well have been a mute, and that includes the occasions on which I happened to be awake. The least shocking part of class was the following conversation:

Strong Island Classmate: Aawll through class I kept thinking you looked like a celebrity, but I can't put my fingah on it.
Gina [trying not to sound grumbly]: Julia Stiles.
SIC and Surrounding Classmates: Yes! And didn't you go to the same school? And did anyone ever...

*Sigh* Anyway, the three hours breezed on by and I'm actually looking forward to the next one. Weird.

Unrelatedly, I think I need to go to this store. Teehee!


EasyP said...

you shouldve punched her after she opened her mouth. i hate that accent.

calvo said...

you rowed for columbia, and look enough like julia stiles for people to comment?

how *you* doing!

actually, I know how annoying that is. at least once a month, someone points out my resemblance to a certain shaven-headed tennis pro.

you can always tell when it's coming. it's either "has anyone ever told you..." or "you probably hear this all the time..."

Gina said...

heh, my favorite incident was when someone said, "you know who you sound like?" guess who! i responded that i was told i look like her all the time, to which the guy responded, "you don't look like her, you just sound like her." which brings me to the ultimate question, "why am *i* not famous?"

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