Tuesday, September 13, 2005


Censoring myself is so not fun. Here are some more random thoughts on random crap (i.e., celebrities)!

*Perplexa sent me this little New York Metro cultural analysis:
The cupcakes, cheap and sweet, were a hit. Customers started queuing around the block. Then, in 2000, Carrie Bradshaw and her girlfriends indulged in the oversize treats on Sex and the City, and the lines got longer still. (The bakery’s now a featured stop on the Sex and the City bus tour.) Soon, the cupcake boom was being trumpeted in style articles and fashion-magazine trend alerts. The attention climaxed, perhaps, with a New York Times piece this year about a woman who lived a few blocks from Magnolia and whose dog had become dangerously overweight after eating discarded wrappers.

First of all, Magnolia cupcakes are far from oversize, especially not for the people I imagine would go on a Sex and the City bus tour. Perhaps Kim Cattrall secretly wrote this article, since I doubt she'd touch a cupcake with a ten-foot pole. Last I checked, cupcakes contain no fish. Second, why did the lady with the bloated dog make the New York Times? And a memo to the lady with the bloated dog: don't let your dog eat cupcake wrappers! Good lord.

*Speaking of celebrities and eating, well, I'm all for it. But when it comes to models and eating, well, starve away! I like Scarlett Johansson, at least as far as "starlets" go. She is naturally beautiful and interesting-looking, she picks good movie roles for the most part, and she appears to subsist on more than Starbucks and cigarettes. But there really is a reason why runway models are taller than the average dude and skinnier than the average 10-year-old. And that reason is high-waisted, tapered pants.

*I had a nice little Gawker Stalker moment last night. On my walk home from work across Central Park South, I passed by David Arquette with baby Coco and an entourage of handlers, Escalades, and cavalier king charles spaniels. Him: wearing a Penguin polo, suspenders, and a silly hat; perfect skin; much shorter than you'd expect (of course.) Coco: about ten times cuter than the average baby (double of course.)

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Robo's Drone said...

Yeah. I saw that image of SJ at the IofC show and thought, 'God love her, but that shi-ite is not doing her any favors.' Oh well. She's still amazingly beautiful.