Thursday, December 09, 2004


I'm sorry to say I have precious little to report. My unemployed days have been filled primarily with naps (at least four hours a day,) VH1 celebrity specials I've seen a hundred times, and even some Oprah and Dr. Phil (Don't hate me.) But oh have I been productive! Yesterday I did the dishes, today I went to a sample sale and bought lots of cute undies for all the boys I'm not sleeping with, and tomorrow I plan to purchase an ant trap to take care of the little infestation in my kitchen. And I almost sister pointed out that I was indirectly mentioned in the Local Paper!
The Marshfield High School advanced placement program is growing, as demonstrated by the increasing number of recognized scholars.

Joyce Chu, a 2004 graduate, won the AP State Scholar Award, which is granted to one male and one female in each state who have the highest average on all advanced placement exams taken. Chu had an average of 4.92 out of 5 points over 13 exams [that is just sick and wrong wrong wrong] she had taken in three years, said guidance counselor Katherine Dostal.

"You're not considered for state scholar until your senior year, Dostal said. "Only one other student (from Marshfield High School) has been named state scholar." [that's ME!]

As thrilling as this almost-recognition is, I wish they'd done a followup to show current students how such achievement will prepare them for their future. I can see it now..."since graduating from Columbia with a mediocre grade point average and no professional or further academic aspirations whatsoever, Gina was fired from her first two jobs after college and has returned to Marshfield to live with her parents." Somehow I doubt Ms. Chu will be in the same boat, but I'm still damn thankful my parents are not stereotypically Asian.

Okay, it's way past my naptime.


Fat Asian Baby said...

Awww. I'm so proud of my little Gina. Is this the distinction that precipitated the fall off stage and splitting of pants?
And since when are there Asians in Marshfield?

Gina said...

Yes, this is related to the pants-splitting incident, a heartwarming tale that perhaps I will recount here at a later date. And there have always been a few Asians in Marshfield because of the Clinic. Though, like the two Jewish families and one half-black kid, they were teased mercilessly.

the drunk ninja said...


Asian kid from Marshfield here :-)

Gina said...

dude! you just scared the crap out of me for a second. but then i remembered that if my mom even found my blog, which would be nearly impossible, actually commenting on it would be as monumental as man walking on the moon.