Wednesday, December 29, 2004

book it!

So, I finally caved and read the Da Vinci Code (my unwillingness to read it, of course, was based purely on all the annoying hype and not sheer laziness. Ahem.) My review: not fucking Tolstoy but damn entertaining. It's really that simple, you THREE THOUSAND AND TWENTY Amazon reviewers. A Sparknotes aficianado and reader of approximately 1.2 pleasure books (I don't mean that in a dirty way) per year, I read the thing in less than two days, and granted I have no obligations or engagements save for shoveling snow and putting dishes in the dishwasher and turning it on, but still, I am impressed that this not so little book went down so easily.

Alright, time to watch Oprah and pretend to exercise on the recumbent stationary bike that so elegantly graces the family living room.

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Anonymous said...

puedi says the time has come for you to read sofistikated entertaining books

harry potter

you've got nothing better to do