Tuesday, November 30, 2004

NY <3 itty bitty apartments

Wow. Since I've been thinking of blowing this popstand for a while (but, oh, I WILL be back,) I finally took some action and posted an ad for my lil' studio on dearest darling Craigslist. Despite beginning the ad with "I'm not going to lie--my apartment is impressively tiny," I've received about 25 responses in an hour and a half. Hot damn. Fortunately, the majority are from men who lack a basic command of the English language and/or demand I send them pictures or call them immediately in their one sentence replies. As much as I'd love to have a rotating cast of sketchy characters parade through my apartment as I wait there alone, I think I'm going to have to ignore/decline these folks. And if one of the several nice-sounding girls comes through, I could be living my free spirit dream in just a matter of weeks. As for the unbearably large length of time during which I will likely be living with the parents, my hometown buddy Phil informed me that there is a bar in town that serves rum and Cokes for $1 (plain Cokes are $1.50.) Between that, the vast availablity of fried cheese curds, and daily entertainment courtesy of the Local Paper, I think I'm gonna be ok. Fare thee well, NYC.

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