Tuesday, November 23, 2004

food coma

*How to Survive the Dreaded Work Meeting 101. I'm already an avid player of Games 3 and 4 and, rest assured, will be incorporating 1 and 2 into my epic struggle to stay awake during the next Monday Morning Marketing Meeting.

*Anyone who says humans did not evolve from apes has clearly not seen this. Oh wait, they probably don't engage in such behavior... (the face in the third pic is priceless) [via ultragrrrl]

*My darling sis pointed out this gem of a letter to the Local Paper editor written by a former classmate of hers. Don't you just love 18-year-olds who know lots of big words but have not yet learned to get the fuck over themselves?

*Speaking of the Local Paper, the wedding and engagement section has become a major source of anxiety for me. Well, at least a minor source of anxiety. Actually, I'd say it's more like a moderate source of amusement, since social codes and I never really got along so well to begin with. So anyway, there were girls having babies in my ninth grade class, and I was less shocked and disturbed by that than I am by the recent rash of marriages among and, increasingly, between my old classmates. All the ones who stayed in Central Wisconsin bit the dust ages ago, and now even the escapees are getting in on it. I used to slip 'n slide with these people, and now they're "bride-elects." I am so not there yet, and my New Yorky friends had better not be because I simply don't have the money for gifts and dresses and such things. Pass the Kool-Aid, please.

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Anonymous said...

Ahh, I need to put these meeting games into effect at BORING faculty meetings - although the sex game would be pretty unappetizing, considering that the average age of my co-workers is about 50. ugh.