Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Hey everyone! There are some exciting new developments in Via Gina Land!

*First and most definitely foremost, I would like to announce that is the second site listed when one does a Google search for "world's largest round barn." Shooting for number one in 2007!

*This morning at the intern-y thingamabobber, I learned that I'd be doing my first celebrity interview. It was actually my first interview of anyone, ever, period. My greatest fear was that I'd fail to operate the tape recorder, but I think I managed to succeed at turning it on and pushing the red "record" button. A brief rewind-and-play revealed that everything I said was mumbled gobbledygook, but, fortunately, I will be transcribing the conversation. The interview itself went pretty darn well. My editor was a little surprised that it only lasted 12 minutes, but I've always operated under my own made up "concision is best" policy. (Or all my years of procrastinating have just made me do things really fast.) Anyway, the person is someone not currently in the public eye but who you'd definitely know if you listened to Top 40 radio in 1998. And I managed to finesse my way into getting her to reveal the answer to a rather burning question I'd had back in the day involving Christians and heroin. I actually can't wait to go to work on Thursday to write the article. And then perhaps someday I will be able set foot in a Midtown office building without curling up in the fetal position and rocking compulsively back and forth in a corner.

*And last but not least, this blog will now be coming to you from the burrough of Brooklyn! My friend N and her live-in ex-boyfriend are vacating their place and I just couldn't not take it. It is illegal, it is cheap, it is huge (by my screwed up New York standards), and it is ALL MINE. It's in a basement so there's no sunlight and I have to share a bathroom with like eight other people, but I'm nocturnal anyway and will pee in the kitchen sink if I have to.

That is all.

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VE said...

What makes your new abode illegal?
I ask cause I used to live in an Auto Shop. Which has since burned down. We had a commercial lease. Our glass door boasted that a furniture store called "Decoy Furniture" awaited you inside. By appointment only. Once, cops came to the door because someone across the street had been robbed and they wanted to know if our security camera caught anything. I laughed. That laugh almost gave us away.

So - who's the celeb?

Gina said...

Oh, the fact that it's in a basement and has no windows and there's no stove and other prescribed residential amenities. As an illegality bonus, there are also no utility costs! The Voice had an interesting article about the whole thing this week:,tucker,73881,15.html.

As for the celeb, remember that cover of the The La's song "There She Goes" circa 1999/2000?

VE said...

Absolute. Sixpencenonethericher, right?
Did you ask her about her latant/blatant Christian lesbianism ("Kiss Me?")

Gina said...

Hell yes. That was the entire goal of the interview (for me,) and she expounded on it freely. They didn't know "there she goes" was about heroin when they debuted it on a summer tour of CHURCHES, and she (not a lesbian) envisioned her mom/sister/friends when singing the song. Total sweetheart. She's like a real life Tinkerbell.

Did I just break about ten rules of journalistic integrity?

Gina said...
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VE said...

Yes, you did.
But that's OK.