Friday, July 07, 2006

pitter patter goes my heart

Behold, my one shitty picture from the Broken Social Scene concert in Prospect Park:

I've gotta hand it to the happy hippy couple that puts on these free and benefit shows. I very much appreciated the folding chairs (no one wants to stand for the opening act,) the abundance and proximity of port-o-potties, and the semi-reasonable beer prices. The airplanes flying low overhead every two minutes were also an unexpected bonus.

As for the band, they kicked ass as usual, and for the first time in the last three shows of theirs I've attended I got there on time to hear the full two hours of Canadian jammy rockness. I love how their songs are all so different, and how everyone plays five instruments, and how the lead singer Kevin Drew "really really really really" wants us all to "enjoy our lives," and how I want to have sex with pretty much every band member (and as you can see, there are a lot of band members.)

Ooooo Canada...


Stargazer said...

Yeah, just FYI all Canadians are cool like that ;) I must say I do agree with the "doableness" of those lads. Soundsl like a fun show.

Gina said...

and, uh, have you seen emily haines? i met her and blushed like i was in high school and just farted in front of the boy i had a crush on.

oh, and i actually like most canadians i've ever met. except for the one i sort of dated, who is a fucking bastard. but he's also french though so i guess it's to be expected.

VE said...

Yeah, Canada's where it's at right now.

(and hey - thanks for pointing out the egeregious thisiswhathappenswhenyouwritestuffdrunk error re:Amy Millan)

Did you see the Metric show at Webster Hall?

Gina said...

i was on emily haines' guest list, actually (she loves my restaurant) but circumstances prevented me from attending. i did see her at the afterparty later though and probably said something really stupid. i think she may have been drunker than i was by that point though so i didn't feel too bad.

drunk blogging is the best blogging.

VE said...

nice. drunk blogging is great.
though i once posted something about five months ago at 5 in the morning and awoke the next day (1 pm as usual) to several voicemails asking me in tender, delicate tones if I was alright. I had no idea what they were talking about until I fired up my cpu.

Gina said...

yeah some mornings (i.e., 1 pm's) i won't even let myself check my sent emails or blog comments because i'm afraid of what i'll see. it is now 5 am and to my defense i just got home from work but work was slow so i also got really drunk there. mmmmm wine. especially free wine.