Wednesday, July 19, 2006

my god i love ebay

Tonight I proved to myself that not drinking can be fun, too! After a full day of office work and a full night of restaurant work, I decided to give my liver a rest and have Aranciata (the Italian Orangina) for my shifty. Unlike the last time I had Aranciata for my shifty with the same intention (two nights ago, to be exact,) I did not proceed to Whiskey Ward and Bar 155 with N and M and consume countless shots 'n beers and wind up having a noodle fight with N at Veselka at 5 a.m. (We tipped almost 50% for that one.) Nope, instead I very slowly coerced my legs to take me home, got some fro yo, and looked for clothes on Ebay. I got bored of that and did a search for "vintage medical" and lost an hour and a half of my life.

If you only have a new Embalmer Artery Clipper, will the hipsters shun you?

I haven't thought about breast pumps since I lived on the Upper West Side. I wonder if my old downstairs neighbors, The Upper Breast Side - Manhattan's First Breastfeeding Boutique, had any of these rather frightening devices.

This medical cocaine tin is actually really kind of cute. Gotta love the French--always thinking about style. It's on the "watch list."

I know a few people who could certainly use a RelaxAcizor.

I played with my Fisher Price Medical Kit all the goddamn time when I was a kid. When my friends and I played Doctor, we actually played Doctor. Once a nerd, always a nerd, I suppose.

It was really hard not to buy anything. Which is why I did buy something. This little gem, courtesy of seller footprintsofjesus from the great state of Texas, is going to make an awesome vase in my new apartment.

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