Tuesday, July 25, 2006

round things, fried things, and really ugly dogs

God, I love fairs. The Central Wisconsin State Fair was, in addition to Dairyfest, pretty much the highlight of my life when I was a kid. The rides, the fried cheese curds, the staying out past my bedtime, the requisite five-legged goat or other freak animal, lots and lots of cows, toothless carnies . . . aside from that one time in 7th grade when I ate an entire elephant ear and rode the Gravitron twice against my will and have never been so nauseated in my entire life and lost the ability to eat fried dough products, donuts included, for about six years, it was all good.

But we did not have an Ugly Dog Contest. (Incidentally, I think that the 1st Place Ribbon should go to Pee-Wee and that Tator Tot shouldn't even be in the contest, and Elwood pretty much rocks my world.) [Thanks, Lizard Breast!]

Now who's coming with me to Dutchess? I'm serious about the 4-H Fashion Show.


Anonymous said...

Fabulous T shirt! It would look even better with a cheese hat, though.
When is Dairyfest '07?

Gina said...

it's always like the first weekend in june. i think some plans are in order.

Fat Asian Baby said...

i think we shsould organize a trip for next year's dairy fest.
it can be like a big reunion of team big dyke or whatever it was we called it. i can't now recall if we fancied ourselves dykes or rock stars.

Gina said...

i believe team rockstar preceded the big dyke era, and the hip hop nicknames persisted throughout. someone needs to make a chart of some kind, like a venn diagram meets timeline.