Wednesday, February 01, 2006


*Today I went to the Pixar exhibit at MoMA. It was pretty darn great. I particularly liked the pencil sketches and grey resin character molds, and the Toy Story zoetrope (which I had to ask several guards how to find...2nd floor, as in TWO floors above the basement level, Media Gallery) was ridiculously cool. You can, and should, read all about it here.

*It pays to be out drinking at 4 a.m. on a Tuesday night. After our fifth "just one last drink," Ellen and I found ourselves stuck listening to some dude wearing gold studded glasses and a beret, for the simple reason that we had good seats at the bar and were not about to give them up. He insisted on buying us a rum and coke and two Coronas, just as the lights came on. After his credit card was declined, he offered the bartender his PayPal card. Needless to say, the drinks were removed and he disappeared, hopefully with much shame.

*For the Gina Is a Tool When Meeting the Marginally Famous files, upon shaking the hand of a member of Interpol (who had been blatantly checking out Ellen through several rounds of drinks) in the wee hours last night, I said, "Wow your hand is warm." His friend said, "Pockets." Interpol said, "Pockets." And then they left and we went home.

*My little sis is coming to visit this weekend!!! I am so glad that I've passed on to her my penchant for impromptu, impractical vacations.


Anonymous said...

hey it's not impractical all right?

at least not completely

Anonymous said...

I carried a watermelon.