Tuesday, February 14, 2006

be my valentine

Dearest Blog,

So much has happened that I could tell you about lately, but, you see, I've failed to make it home five nights out of the last six. Fortunately, my friends have big beds and I sleep pretty darn good after a nice beer, wine, and whiskey combo. Let's see . . . there's the continuing non-saga of the Work Buddy, the epic porno sex with the Scruffy Brit, Perplexa's visit from London, my short but promising search for an apartment more conducive to returning to it in the evening, and an unfortunate encounter between my face and the sidewalk on the night of The Great NYC Blizzard of 2006. But for now, it's time to leave the internet cafe that has become one of my many homes and serve wine and regional Italian specialties to happy couples. I miss you and I promise to tell you more soon.


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ham sandwich said...

are you going to apologize to soaking wet panties too?