Friday, February 03, 2006

christians are weird

Yesterday I was browsing for cheap, formerly expensive jeans on Ebay and came across a listing for my current favorite brand. The description included something like, "I love these jeans but they don't fit," and the word "love" was hyperlinked. So I clicked on it and was taken here. Nothing like spreading Jesus' love through the resale of "new without tags" designer denim.

And then my sister sent me the link to the Local Paper's coverage of Catholic Schools Week. I went to Catholic school for eight years in that town and I don't recall Catholic Schools Week. Apparently the privilege of trading my plaid jumper for a pair of stirrup pants, slouch socks, and an oversized sweater for a day didn't resonate too much with me. If anyone can figure out what the fuck those "hush buttons" are all about and why 2/3 of the article is about them, I'll bake you some cookies or something.


calvo said...

I'd never heard of the hush buttons either, but found a site ( which describes "hush day" as:

"This means that no one can have a conversation with a member with the opposite sex all day. During designated periods, however, you can talk at the opposite sex in order to get their Hush buttons. The boy and girl with the most Hush buttons will wins a prize."


Gina said...

weird!!! i still don't get it.

Mister Underhill said...

I guess they are trying to minimize the possibility that they could talk which (Just like marijuana leads to heroine) will lead right to sexing each other on the altar after getting drunk on sacramental wine?

It has to be the stupidest thing I have ever heard, honestly.

It's not like a girl can't give a nice blowjob without speaking. Depending on the girl they may be doing the guys a favor!

Can I have a cookie now?

calvo said...

"will lead right to sexing each other on the altar after getting drunk on sacramental wine" that brings back memories of catholic school!

the management said...

I though "hush day" was the day the archdiocese writes handsome checks ("hush money") to victims of priestly "indiscretions" so they wouldn't go public. That must be called something else.

Fat Asian Baby said...

man, those kids really know how to have a good time.

Liz said...

Catholic school ultimately led to our ironic. I had never heard of "hush buttons" either. However, as a teacher, I can see the benefits to the game. I am sure the "nuns" devised it!