Friday, February 17, 2006

at last

Well I'm movin' on down!
Mooovin' on down!
To the East Village!
Mooovin' on down!
To a three bedroom walkup apartment on the fifth floor, I'm movin' on down!
Mooovin' on down!
With a coupla random dudes!
Mooovin' on down!
So I can't walk around my apartment naked, anymore!

Now who wants to help me move?


Anonymous said...

dude. what??

ham sandwich said...

of course i'll help, and i'll only charge you one sparks per hour.

Mister Underhill said...

Well if we knew you wouldn't be nekkid we wouldn't have let you on the lease :(

P/O said...

here's a tip: if you promise to do the move naked, i bet you'll get a whole shitload of help.

Andrew said...

Is that a question, or an order? (Have you EVER moved in New York City without me?)