Wednesday, February 22, 2006

minor bipolarity is fun!

Dick Cheney shot someone? The Danish (or is it the Dutch) made a cartoon? I spent three hours tonight watching the Olympics while eating an Amy's frozen dinner and drinking "Sleepytime" tea and it's the most normal (and sober) I've felt in two months.

Ever since I got back to the city from Christmas vacation and started my job, I have been incapable of focusing on any one thing for more than a few minutes. Even reading blogs (let's not even talk about writing), watching a whole TV show, and emailing friends--my usual go-to ADD activities--have required too much attention. My life has become like the crazy brunch shift at work, minus the cappuccino making and cheese plate explaining. I've become addicted to constant human interaction, and when I'm alone I don't know what to do with myself and usually go into a semi-coma browsing eBay or lying on the futon listening to my February playlist over and over, counting the hours until I can go to work or start drinking with my friends. I've also become a royal idiot, failing to pay any bills, losing my cell phone, constantly forgetting to charge my new cell phone, not looking into health insurance options (sorry, Mom,) and leaving bowls with yogurt residue in the sink (an interesting science experiment--you should try it sometime).

Today, with monumental effort, I managed to hang up my 800 pairs of jeans, start the process of finding a subletter, scrub the very active live yogurt cultures from my bowls, still fail to pay my overdue rent bill, and then just STOP, in the form of a little women's figure skating and thunder-thighed men in tights racing around in a circle. Of course, once my head was clear I started to think about stuff that isn't so fun to think about. Like how I'm still just a lazy brat with no direction or foreseeable accomplishments and a growing dependence on alcohol. The last two months have been nothing but excitement and manic fun and I've felt better than I have in three years (seriously). I certainly don't feel bad about that, but there needs to be some sort of balance, which I hope will come with moving to an apartment I might actually spend some time in. And maybe, like, an internship or a yoga class or a hobby or something. But there's no way I'm giving up my free shift drinks.

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