Friday, February 24, 2006

aye aye, cap'n


The Manager sits in the downstairs part of The Restaurant after the lunch shift going over the daily paperwork, while Gina comes down the stairs sipping on her shift drink of white wine.

Gina: Hey Manager, try this. It's verdicchio . . . I think it might be, like, a little oxidized or something.
Manager: Yeeeeah, it's kind of okay, but not really. Tell the bartender I said you could have another shift drink.
Gina [already half-way to the stairs]: Okay!
Manager: Well, I mean chug that one first and then go tell the bartender I said you could have another shift drink.
Gina: Now see, this is why I love this job. Oh, uh, well not the only reason of course, but one of many . . . you know . . . [runs up the stairs to procure a glass of pilsner.]


Really, my job still rocks. After many, many, maaaaany different jobs, I've come to learn that if work doesn't suck after the initial excitement or, at least, novelty wears off somewhere around the one month mark, the job is a good one.


Mister Underhill said...

I wish I had a job where drinking is allowed. I just wish my stomach was ok to drink, for that matter. It used to be nice when I worked at home and when I had a job where everyone would have a few drinks in lieu of lunch every day....

midwestgrrl said...

Miz Gina:

You know what I do, and we drink at work all the time. Well all right not "all" the time but I have been know to plunk beers down on my employees' desks at 4:30 on many an afternoon. I suppose this is the equivalent of DRINK, PLEDGE but no one is complaining. :D

ChrisM said...

As The Artful Dodger sang to Oliver Twist "always a chance we wont find anyone to foot the bill, then the drinks are on the house"!

steph o'mary said...

I love this business...I like to drink 5-6 tanq and tonics while I work on the line...paper coffee cups are my friend..drink on!