Wednesday, May 25, 2005

copycat copycat!

Because nothing exciting is going on with me and because I am lazy as hell these days, I'm going to quite literally take a page from Zulkey. The following is a list of all the famous people whom I have either met or been in close proximity to, in detail where remotely interesting (or not.) Given that I lived in New York City for almost six years, this list is rather pathetic, though, for the record, I'm sure I'm forgetting some biggies. I would love to see Drone's list, but his Blogger is totally kaput until he decides to pay for internet access like the rest of us. Ahem. Without further ado:

*Elizabeth Berkeley from Saved By the Bell (looking scary and running back and forth across the street in front of Balthazar, seriously, like six times)
*Sean Penn (my friend Chef Steph was drunk enough to be coerced into buying him a drink)
*Adam Sandler
*Moby x 2
*Bono x 2 (he was performing both times but I was really very close, really)
*Whoopie Goldberg
*That Dude From Dashboard Confessional
*Members of The Hives, Interpol, and The Arcade Fire
*Alex Rodriquez (he signed my baseball in 1993!)
*Sarah Jessica and Matthew Broderick
*Kate Moss
*Liam Neeson (sat next to him at the bar at Cafe Lux, he drinks red wine with ice in it)
*Willem Dafoe (at 6 a.m. on my way to crew practice)
*David Bowie (after sneaking into the VIP section at Roseland with Perplexa)
*Christopher Reeves (in a wheelchair while his daughter visited Columbia...sad)
*The Columbia Gang: Julia Stiles/Anna Paquin/Joseph Gordon Levitt/Rider Strong (TGIF!!!)
*The editor of Lucky Magazine (biatch cut the line at Westville and was wearing an ugly ass skirt)
*Several America's Next Top Models (Go Shandi!)
*Several Real Worlders (most notably, Lars Schliechting from Real World London who lived nextdoor to friends E and S and whom I met in the elevator while helping move them in and said, "You were on the Real World London! That was seriously my favorite season ever!")
*Sanford from Sex in the City
*Nicky Hilton
*Josh Hartnett
*Ray Liotta
*Lots of sub-super models
*Johnny Knoxville
*Bachelor Bob
*Chloe Sefugny X 2
*Howard Stern
*J. Lo's television reporter sister, Linda Lopez
*P Diddy's Dog, Honey Combs
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Anonymous said...

hmm...let's list is far shabbier..
1) jared leto (in canal jean co)
2) john cryer (recent, in union isn't he pretty in pink....he kind of looks like some random new yorker though)
3) the columbia folks
4) yoko ono (and she smiled at me! i was happy)
5) only carlos d of interpol
6) julia roberts (although i actually only saw her dog, as i failed to look up-her dog was cute, that was about it)
7) matt dillon in some dive in the east village-he was playing it very low profile as far as i can recall
8) of course david bowie.

eh, shamefully i think that's it. i'm a loser! i'm also frequently distracted and don't notice that which surrounds me or obstructs my path including famous people and trees.


Anonymous said...

That's a pretty good list. I never meet anyone really famous. I have met/shared a stage with plenty of bands you probably have and haven't heard of though. But I pretty much always find meeting bands a let down. Do you remember Fenix TX ? The singer was such a cock. Such a cock.

Fat Asian Baby said...

And don't forget the hot guy from the Practice who we saw at Man Ray on V-Day sans weird wifey. And didn't we see ugliest man alive, Marc Anthony, there too?
Oh and the guy from Hedwig?