Tuesday, May 17, 2005


I have never been allergic to anything in my life, except for disposable diapers (to the delight of my environmentally friendly mother.) Now, all of a sudden, I am allergic to both Tater and the air in Ithaca. I had started noticing a little itching in my nose while sitting on the living room (i.e., Tate's) couch, and then the other day at work my eyes and nose started itching and running like crazy, and the sniffling manager noted that his allergies were flaring up because of all the pollen, and that they only started when he was 23 or 24, and now I am too sick to even think about going to work tonight, even though I'll probably have to. I'm sure my customers will appreciate their snot-tinis. So I guess I am now allergic to dogs (shedding ones that haven't been bathed in years, at least) and fresh air. Grrreat. On the upside, I've been rather ambivalent about moving back to New York in a couple weeks (excited to live near my friends, dreading just about everything else,) and I certainly can't live with a dog in the city, nor is there an abundance of fresh air. I guess this is just a sign from God or something. Praise Jesus.


Fat Asian Baby said...

Yes. Praise Jesus indeed. And I am quite grumpy that you will not be around for the weekend of the 27th. Ellen, Drone, and I are all going to see Snowden at Mercury.

Gina said...

fuck you all.

i will be here serving dinners to the rich, proud families of cornell graduates. at least parents know how to tip.