Tuesday, January 18, 2005

theez dress lukes completely...complete, to me

In the comments of my "my dog has vaginitis" post, Eric asked a very thought-provoking question. That question is in regard to Project Runway, and which designer is my fave. Well, Eric, here are my deep thoughts on this fantastic show.

As relatively unexciting as it's last season was, I thought nothing could fill the hole in my heart left after the conclusion of America's Next Top Model Cycle Three. I was dubious about Project Runway's choice of host (Heidi Klum - blah) and corporate sponsor (Banana Republic - mmm...beige), but after just three episodes it has proven itself a worthy replacement. Unlike the "models" of ANTM, the designers actually, like, sort of know what they're doing, and some of them are actually, like, good at it! Even the website is entertaining and provocative. I can honestly say I'd never really pondered the phenomenon that is T-Shirt Tubing:

Look at a t-shirt of your own. Note that the only seams are along the shoulders and where the sleeves attach. There is no vertical seam anywhere in the torso of the t-shirt; ergo, it is a tube.

Ergo, indeed. I was wearing a t-shirt when I read that, and you can bet your bottom dollar I felt myself up and smiled when it proved true. Anyway, the answer to Eric's question is: I'll be rooting for awesomely snarky and gay Jay because he makes nice rock 'n rollish stuff and that purty Chrysler Building dress, he's obnoxious and judgmental, and he dresses up like Jesus.


midwestgrrl said...

If Jay doesn't win, there is no scrap of human goodness left on this planet.

Least favorite designer: STARR!

Anonymous said...

Watched the show with my whole family. Most words out of Austin Scarlett's mouth elicited "Oh, Jesus" from my dad... I like that the models get kicked off solely baed on popularity amongst contestants. I also like when the last contestant to get to pick a model (meaning it's down to 2 models, one of whom is gonna have to go home after being eliminated/unwanted) totally seems to be the model's best friend for the 10 seconds we see them together. On the Project Runway website, under scrapbook, the last picture looks like Jay is giving Austin Scarlett a beatdown. Was this in an episode? Man, I really need to get cable... One other tidbit, one member of my family wondered out loud whether Heidi Klum has lack of symmetry in her mouth movement because of plastic surgery. They think this is why she wears her hair down, just to hide the small scars from her having an early facelift. (Her hair is up is one of the episodes I saw) Anyway, just fun to gossip about a woman considered by many to be one of the world's most beautiful. - Eric

Anonymous said...

I love that show. Me and my mom sit down and watch it every wednsday. I'm still mad Austin got kicked off though, for he was my favorite......grr.....anyways, I'll be rooting for Jay....^_^ .......and I HATE Wendy.