Monday, January 24, 2005

ay mama que rico

Hola from very very sunny Buenos Aires. My brain is almost as fried as my shoulders so I apologize in advance for any incoherence contained herein. BA, as they say, is a very cool city, and not unlike New York. The neighborhoods are distinct in character (we spent today shopping in "Palermo Soho"), the public parks are pretty
and well maintained, and the subways sometimes don´t work (as my sister and I just found out the hard way.) My Spanish skills (useful only when wanting to embarrass my sis) and our hostel (that plays loud untz untz music till 5 a.m. and has bathrooms that lock you--ok just me--in) leave little to be desired, but a three course meal at a decent restaurant is about $5, we´re getting in many scenic walks, and I´m almost as tan as a South American. I have yet to take many pictures, but I will try to overcome my gringa shame and take more soon.


Anonymous said...

Waa. I miss you and am far too jealous for my own good. NY weather is dreary and depressing. Or maybe that's just my life lately? Either way: come back! (Have fun, dude.) -Drone

Caco_Patane said...

Arriba Buenos Aires!

Hope you are enjoyng the city.