Tuesday, January 11, 2005

back in the new york...er, wisconsin, groove

I just got back and am feeling all warm and fuzzy and loved and stuff (well, minus the warm part.) There's not a whole lot to tell you because we didn't really do much of anything. Fortunately, the Canadian and I can both be quite content to lie around fighting over whether to watch the news or reality crap, poking each other's tummy flab, and playing with his crazy South Beach socialite cousin's two irresistible dogs:

Duke, the fellow TV-lover

And Lola, the fellow lethargic lounger

At one point (okay, more like several points) I got all crabby a la the first paragraph of the last post, and after a good little cry on the beach I came to the realization that I am a needy motherfucker and basically shut down in the absence of constant reassurance that a guy who's beyond the quasi-thing category does, indeed, like me. This all makes me feel like a big asshole, but at least now I know what's up. So until I sort through this upsetting issue, I told him to just say "I still like you" whenever I turn bitchy to preempt the unnecessary drama. Also, I intend to start seeing a therapist so I don't need to spill my guts to the internets (and, more importantly, to increase my chances of getting into grad school. Just kidding. Sort of.)

One more Duke pic. I never thought I liked the toy breeds (save for the mini weenie,) but this shih tzu/lahsa apso mix is the shit (no pun intended.)


Karo said...

Glad that you're back (for purely selfish reasons) and that the times were had and that they were good (for more magnanimous reasons).

Anonymous said...

Hurray! Happy to know you had a good trip. My life is hell. Little time for food. Even less time for sleep. Work + School = nicotine fits on the hour. Enjoy the freedom while you can, my friend. -Drone

Gloria said...

Those are such cute dogs. I want! Wait, I only want if they're housetrained, as our dog apparently Still Is NOT.