Monday, January 17, 2005

really super-duper important things

*I spent last night flipping between the Golden Globes and the AKC Eukanuba National Championship Dog Show. Tail-wagging is so much cuter than sappy acceptance speeches. Go Knotty!

*I haven't smoked a single cigarette in ONE WEEK. Guess who's gained a few pounds and plans on buying six packs for $2.98 each at the gas station before heading back to NYC.

*The Swedish William Hung. [via Lindsayism]

*I'm gonna go ahead and be an asshole and link to the weather report for where I will be spending the greater part of the next few weeks. In case you didn't get that, it's:
High/Low (°F) Precip. %
Tonight Jan 17 Clear 63° 0 %
Tue Jan 18 Sunny 91°/60° 0 %
Wed Jan 19 Sunny 90°/58° 0 %
Thu Jan 20 Sunny 92°/55° 0 %
Fri Jan 21 Sunny 89°/55° 0 %
Sat Jan 22 Sunny 89°/54° 0 %
Sun Jan 23 Sunny 87°/57° 0 %
Mon Jan 24 Sunny 89°/55° 0 %
Tue Jan 25 Sunny 88°/55° 0 %
Wed Jan 26 Sunny 88°/54° 0 %

Muahaha, suckas.

*Why I love Dooce:
6) If you weren’t a slut in your early twenties you TOTALLY missed out.

7) And the part I can’t leave out, coming home to a warm bed and a man who remembered to set out my pills for me on the countertop, a man who didn’t watch any of the shows on the TiVo we watch together so that we could watch them together this weekend. I’ll take this life over my early twenties ANY FUCKING DAY.

*If John Mayer and Lizzie Grubman were indeed making out at Marquee, I need to go throw up for like six different reasons.


Reagan The Wonder Dog said...

I came across your John Mayer/Lizzie Grubman emtry and I felt the need to leave a comment... How could anyone be interested in the SUV Mauler from the Hamptons? Surely John has betetr taste than that... I hope....

Amanda the Great said...

If I ran my hoity-toity SUV into a crowd of people, I wouldn't expect a guy like John Mayer to dig me.

I'm just saying.

I fart in Lizzie Grubman's general direction.

LiSa said...

If this is all true..I have definatley lost MAD respect for the man..come on!! Lizzie Grubman??? For one thing, she looks like she is about 50 years old..and second..She is what Paris Hilton can look forward to looking like in 10 years. Come on John. You are smart and don't need a woman who runs people over in a Range Rover and then drives off. Ick.