Tuesday, October 28, 2008

party at my house?

My job has a lot of food-related perks. We can eat anything we sell when we're there as long as we take it out of inventory and select the "Merchandise Destroyed" option in the computer (which I always do while saying "merchandise . . . destrooooyed" in a deep, sinister voice), we order in lunch every day, and we can buy everything at wholesale cost--about 40% off. Somehow I still get excited when there's expired stuff and we can take it home for free. My latest haul:

*Pimenton de la Vera--Picante, aka spicy paprika
*Caper berries in extra virgin olive oil
*Hard-boiled eggs pickled in vinegar brine from Wisconsin
*The same company's pickled Hot Polish Sausage (first ingredient--beef heart meat)
*Mojo Verde, aka some kind of green pepper/oil/garlic spread
*Smoked trout fillets
*English chocolate-covered biscuits with candied ginger

I think the above could somehow be marketed as the next miracle hangover cure. Truly amazing these things didn't sell.


susanna said...

please do not eat expired beef heart meat!

Gina said...

but it's pickled!

Raegan said...

pickled eggs are the best food ever! i can't believe you have them

Gina said...

oh, canada...

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