Thursday, November 13, 2008

simple pleasures

I just bought these kind of ridiculous bright blue suede shoes after consulting with two friends. The first one said they were awesome but not $110 awesome. Of course, she is correct and I agreed with her assessment and advice to put them out of my mind. So then I asked the one with the shoe obsession and got the moral support I required. Thanks, guys!

I received them in the mail the other day. Are they practical? No. Was this a sound financial decision in this time of personal and international financial crisis? Hells no. Did they make me feel like a, uh, a girl wearing awesome bright blue suede shoes when I was out and about in them for the first time today? Yes! Did I stare at my feet the whole time I was riding the subway? Totally!

I think it's safe to say that I am pleased with my purchase.


Ellen said...

Thank you. I shall now buy my black perforated/patent leather wrestling shoes from the very same store.

Alexa said...

hahhaah. well they ARE very cool.

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