Tuesday, November 18, 2008

moments of life at the cheese store

Coworker: The one thing I don't like about our holiday display is that I want to take everything home right now and eat it.
Me: That's why I hope I have a lot of parties to go to this year. So I can bring stuff, and it's a nice gift, but I'm also satisfying my own desires.
Coworker: I think in one sentence you've just summed up western philosophy.

Coworker: I love opening the Neal's Yard boxes.
Me: I'll always remember the first time I opened up a Keen's box. It was like doing a face plant on a farm after it's just been mowed.
Coworker: I'm stealing that.

Coworker: Did we already finish that bottle of wine (a 15.6% alcohol by volume California Zinfandel)?
Me: Uh, I believe so.
Coworker: Ah, that would explain my general sense of well being.