Saturday, November 29, 2008

too much information

I have 35 books on my Amazon wish list, eighty bajillion movies queued up on Netflix, and 13 albums saved for later on eMusic when I've been downloading five per month since last February. Plus a bunch more on mental or Moleskine lists. And I've never even seen Mad Men or Bones or Always Sunny in Philadelphia (okay, one episode, because it was based on America's Next Top Model) and have only watched one season each of The Wire and Weeds! And let's just not talk about the pile of partially-read books on the floor next to my bed that's reaching my pillow, the fact that I haven't returned a DVD since August, and how I don't even know a quarter of the music on my iPod. (Or that I AM fully caught up on Gossip Girl and The Hills.) It's too much! I am culturally overwhelmed. For some reason starting Infinite Jest seemed like a good solution to this problem.

It's an 1100-something page book that meanders all over the place and makes allusions like crazy and doesn't make much sense and has really tiny letters in lines that are really close together. Which means that, given my attention span, I will have something to focus on for a good two years or so! I will try to share my thoughts here periodically. I doubt they will be remotely profound, but I think this might help me actually finish the thing. Okay, off to read! When I can tear myself away from this new music website Lala that my friend Alexa just told me about on which you can listen to basically any song you want. It's like freshman year of college all over again (ooooh, the original Napster...), only Alexa and I are discussing our finds via the internet from the comfort of our Brooklyn apartments and not with our backs to each other from opposite sides of our eight-foot-wide dorm room. I am suddenly craving pita and hummus procured from a mini-fridge.


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midwestgrrl said...

You can watch all of season 1 of Bones on, for free. I have been. It is delicious crack and you will like it.

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