Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Celebrity TV MD's aren't the only doctors seeking a little help on Craigslist. I just came across this ad for an assistant to Dr. James D. Watson. As in Watson and fucking Crick.

Special Assistant to Dr. James D. Watson (Long Island)
Reply to: job-895674961@craigslist.org
Date: 2008-10-27, 3:58PM EDT

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory is seeking a creative special assistant to Chancellor Emeritus and Nobel Laureate Dr. James D. Watson, co-discoverer of the DNA double helix. The position requires strong writing and interpersonal skills. This writing is targeted to general interest audiences as well as the scientific community. Prior experience in writing about science subjects is essential. A background in Biology or Life Sciences is a plus. The candidate will be primarily involved in editing, proofreading and assisting with writing, and research projects.

Responsibilities and duties:
• Serves as editor and researcher for JDW’s writings and books
• Creates presentations on different scientific topics for a broad public audience and for the scientific community.
• Handles photo permissions for upcoming book projects

. . .

Cool! But back to the TV doctors. It's kind of fun guessing which of your Dr. 90210 favorites (it's sure as hell not my beloved Dr. Drew) is lookin' for love. I hope it's not "Designer Laser Vaginoplasty" Guy. Also, someone please buy me this t-shirt.

And speaking of science, I'm coming to realize that antidepressants, while effective in their stated purpose, make me stupid and clumsy (like, more so than usual). Yesterday I put cornichon labels on a whole batch of olives and drew blood on two separate occasions--slicing ham and operating the treacherous roll of food-service-strength plastic wrap--and today I spilled beer on myself before 10:30 a.m. (I love my job). But I haven't thought about fleeing to Portland (except to celebrate the birth of Our Lord with my family), or, you know, dying, in four whole weeks!