Tuesday, November 07, 2006

where's the wagon?

Goddamn. For the first time in many many months I feel like I might be back in blogger mode. As in, something happens and I'm cognizant enough to remember it, or I have an idea and write it down in my Moleskine aka my "digipad" (long story), or I'm not so busy that I don't have time to obsess about shit. In other words, I'm kind of maybe a little depressed again.

Though a home internet connection still eludes me, I've almost got my hands on an out-of-production wireless card for my out-of-production iMac, and if some of those majestic airwaves penetrate into my windowless basement apartment, here's what you have to look forward to (or not):

*Some pictoral love for my cat, who has somehow managed to grow on me even though I will never be comfortable with the whole litter box thing, or his mysterious tendency to put his butt in my face while I'm trying to watch my Freaks and Geeks DVDs for the 53rd time.

*My parents' recent visit, in which they stayed at my apartment, and which was actually pretty great.

*How I ended a night of moderate (for me) drinking with a glass of an aged red wine at work and woke up with a debilitating migraine-like headache so painful that I threw up for the first non-drunken time since I was eight years old. I guess the whole "red wine headache" thing isn't bullshit, and I have developed an unfortunate condition given my current profession.

*A rambling treatise on public urination, including the best (worst?) public peeing story I have ever heard (preview: it involves a bloody, pantsless guido.)

*My continued and growing obsession with a little place called Pies-N-Thighs.

*The sheer volume of, and absurdity of my connections to, all the people I ran into at the MoMA party on Tuesday.

*A list of words that give me that icky "I need a shower" feeling (no, not "moist".)

And much, MUCH more!

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