Monday, November 13, 2006

attention target team members!

Reason number 2,349,886 why I love my sister:
The other day at work I got called to the back office to chat about how I'm apparently too dismal while I'm cashiering/answering phones/etc. It seems some "guests" have been "worried" about me, and they wanted to remind me that I'm the last thing people see in Target before they leave, and they don't want anyone leaving with a bad impression.

It's weird because I actually don't really mind working at Target.

Perhaps she should look into a gig at Duane Reade in New York City, where cashiers won't even acknowledge your presence at their registers until they've finished their cellphone conversations.


Anonymous said...

I can sympathize! My principal called me into his office recently to admonish me for not saying "good morning" to him in the hallway the previous day, when the hallway was full of kids, I was busy trying to get shit together for the substitute teacher (I had a field trip) and I missed his 5' persona hiding out in a corner. Then he told me I wasn't going to get the committee position I had applied for, despite the fact that he had no one else to fill it. Thanks....

Andrew said...

Duane Reade cashiers finish their cell phone conversations?