Friday, November 24, 2006

volume of beer consumed is directly proportional to miles walked

Given my extremely limited readership (and ability to post anything worth reading) I am always amazed when I'm contacted by a blogfan. One time it was pretty cool (hey, KB!), but usually it's just older dudes on the creepy end of the spectrum. Ahem:

I just read some of your blog. Ihave never done this before. Is this some type of self therapy to write your daily thoughts and doings on line. I mean it is ok and all but I just find it interesting. I notice that you live in New York. I just left new York and I love it up there. I wish I could move there, but my wife refuses to move somewhere where we cannot afford a house. Well , I enjoyed your blog although it seems you may drink a tad too much. I do wonder what you look like. I figure you are about 5'5 and about 140lbs with light brown hair. Am I close? Anyway, have a great life and may God bless you in your future endevours. Please rememer to call on God whenever you are having problems. He may not seem to be there, but he is, and he will carry you through the most difficult times you could imagine.


He totally thinks I'm fat.


Anonymous said...

Umm, so who does he think the tall, blonde, thin girl in all of those flickr pictures is?
Have you been heeding his god advice?

Gina said...

Clearly, God doesn't care about the spelling skills of his devotees, so I'm gonna stick with ol' agnosticism.

(Also, I'm not saying anyone who is 5'5 and 140 is fat. I just like to joke about being really shallow to mask my insecurtity about being moderately shallow. Or something.)

Fat Asian Baby said...

fat asian baby is fat.

Gina said...

no, fat asian baby is PHAT.