Monday, March 27, 2006


What I Wrote Under "March 27 Mon" In My Little Clairefontaine Notebook
*drop off laundry
*paint living room
*clean room
*phone bill
*call Northwest Airlines
*WORK AT 5:45

What I Did On Monday, March 27
*eat a bowl of yogurt and granola because it's the only food in the house
*spend two hours reading some dickwad's stories about getting drunk and fucking girls
*eat another bowl of yogurt and granola
*chat with friend on Gmail
*go down to the deli for cigarettes, the newspaper, and Diet Dr. Pepper
*smoke a cigarette while drinking Diet Dr. Pepper and doing the crossword puzzle
*take a one-hour nap
*smoke another cigarette

Off to work!


ham sandwich said...

the fact that dickwad gets laid at all is a miracle. he's patently unattractive.

Mister Underhill said...

I think that that site is just BS. It's a known joke site.

To think you read about his false adventures in getting laid while you could have been reading my true nonadventures in staying home all weekend.

Gina said...

i dunno, i have a pretty sensitive bullshit meter and i kinda think he's not lying...

Andrew said...

When you gtalked me that link, it pretty much wasted the rest of my day too. Thanks, dickwad.

Fat Asian Baby said...

and this is yet another reason why we are friends.

susanna said...

i pretty much believe all of dickwad's posts. i went to u of chicago with him... he's totally the kind of guy you want to take home to meet the folks.

Ixtab said...

I remember that guy too (from U of C), but I remember him having a definite reputation as a douchebag. A douchebag you'd take home to your parents? Possibly, although that would have involved actually spending time with him, and no one I knew would've done that willingly.

That said, my money's on not lying.