Thursday, March 16, 2006

home sweet sweet home

At long last, I've hooked up the internet in my room, figured out how to operate my roommate's extensive projector television/dvd/surround sound system, and slept in my own bed, er . . . futon, every night for a good two weeks straight. I'm even starting to learn which delis have the best deals on which kind of beer. For the first time in about three months, I feel like I live somewhere.

I spent most of today ridding my walls of the icky blah cream color that New York landlords slap all over an apartment when they "renovate" in between tenants. Ever since that fateful year in college when Ellen and I painted the four rooms in our dorm suite different colors (the highlight being the hot pink bathroom,) I can't live for any length of time somewhere without painting the walls. So, naturally, color selection has been on my mind ever since I moved in here. First I thought I'd just do the same green as my last place since I still had a gallon, but, as much as I loved it there, recent *ahem* events made me want to move on entirely. Inspired by my friend Gael With The Awesome Dogs, I was thinking red, but given the incredibly tiny size of my room knew it would be overwhelming. As of yesterday I was at a total loss, knowing only that I needed bold, yet light, and also warm-toned.

When I woke up this morning my first thought was yellow. Just the word "yellow." Works for me. I once again solicited the help of my trusty ex-boyfriend by bribing him with beer and my roommate's Xbox360 or whatever the latest video game thingamabobber is called. We went to the hardware store to choose a color, and after much deliberation over shades like Harvest Moon and Marigolds in a Field on a Mountain in Switzerland, I picked out a winner. My room is now, according to Benjamin Moore, the color of Nacho Cheese. The fact that I'd just consumed plain tortilla chips for lunch may have swayed my decision making process, and now that the paint's up and, of course, brighter than it looked on paper I'm thinking perhaps the lighter, more subdued American Cheese might have been a better choice. Oh well, as long as it doesn't inspire more cheese cravings than I already have, I think I'll be okay with it.

throw in some tostitos with lime and it's a party

weirdly matching

the next rothko i am not



Anonymous said...

looks really nice g!-how have you been?? perplexxxa

ham sandwich said...

looks really great! i am super happy for you. and really glad that andrew exists.

fish taco said...

nice work. i'll come over with some salsa (sans cilantro) and pretend your room is a taco bell.

Mister Underhill said...

I like it. Next time I move I plan to paint austin powerslike flowerchild stuff all over the walls.

Fat Asian Baby said...

dammit. i tried to coax him into helping me move twice, but apparently the 6 flights of stairs were prohibitive for him.

Gina said...

well i'm on the fifth floor plus there's a huge stoop. god bless my roommate for having the latest in video game technology.

Andrew said...

I was also given a microwaved slice of suspiciously-old pizza. It was delicious.