Monday, March 13, 2006

l is for late

Due to a strenuous couple of weeks followed by an overindulgence of alcohol last Friday night, I am now on an unrequested seven-day vacation from my job. Or, as the management likes to call it, "suspension." I spent all day yesterday sulking in my bed until a friendly coworker called to make sure I was okay and informed me that at any other decent restaurant in New York showing up three and a half hours late for an opening shift would result in immediate firedness, and also the 65-year-old Jewish lesbian waitress with hot pink hair that everyone loves was suspended a few months ago for grabbing a fellow server's ass in front of customers. So on the one hand I feel all warm and fuzzy that, like the 65-year-old Jewish lesbian waitress with hot pink hair, people like me enough to keep me around after this infraction, but mostly I just feel like an irresponsible idiot. Oh well, I'll just use my time off to do responsible things like pay H & R Block $90 to do my taxes, and I'll chalk this experience up to yet another entry in the Encyclopedia of the Stupidest Things I've Ever Done.


Anonymous said...

I overslept for a final exam.... that I was giving, not taking. It really sucked.
At least you got more free time to enjoy the weather this weekend!

ChrisM said...

I had a part time job once as a dish washer and one night I blew it off to go out drinking with friends. I used the lame excuse "didnt check the schedule" when I went in a few nights later and unfortunately I wasnt fired.

Mister Underhill said...

I wish I could get suspended from work for a week.

citygirl said...

I once got fired for stealing when I had, in fact, never taken a damn thing without paying.

About taxes, I had to pay H&R Block $106 last year. This year I rid myself of my tax prep fear and did them for about $50 less on the H&R website. There's even a way to do them for free there. Blessed be.