Monday, March 20, 2006

not only is it the greatest show on television, it's educational too

If you've ever watched an entire season, err...cycle, of America's Next Top Model straight through on VH1 and thought that maybe, just maybe, it might be rotting your brain, fear no more. While doing this morning's New York Times crossword puzzle I came across the clue "Person from Pocatello." Instantly, I knew the answer was "Idahoan" thanks to the lovely Jennipher phrom Cycle 3. Now granted, I would've figured it out and finished the puzzle anyway because it's Monday and Mondays are easy, but still, I felt smart for about half a second which makes the hundreds of hours I've spent watching ANTM so totally worth it.

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midwestgrrl said...

It's always worth it. You need never question that.

Incidentally, I just bought Elyse Sewell's book, heretofore thought to be available only in Hong Kong and surrounding environs. Thank goodness for