Tuesday, December 06, 2005

jeeminy christmas

The other day in the cubicle from Hell I came across a blog for the song "Our God is an Awesome God" but had to close it immediately as the little ditty started blaring from my temporary computer and Lord knows I'm not quick enough to think to shut the volume off. Not that the majority of my coworkers would mind that particular song, as I've surmised by the illustrated Bible verses surrounding everyone's workstations. Anyway, I went looking for it again tonight and my Google search came up fruitless except....

Apparently, God Himself has gotten on the blog bandwagon. Behold, the Blog of God:
Otherwise known as "the Word of God"... A Life giving revelation that lights the way of truth and love. Delivering the soul from the power of darkenss and transforming our spirit into the Kingdom of the Light.


Speaking of our Lord, apparently He likes our heroic troops to be honored with sexy fem bodypaint models.


the management said...

Little-known fact: according to earlier versions of the gospel stories, a fourth magi brough a gift of sexy femme bodypaint models to the baby Jesus.

the management said...

...or whatever the fuck the singular of "magi" is.

Gina said...

magus? or something?

Anonymous said...

"Magus" indeed.

Man, they need to give me more to do.